Mountain Base Manufacturing, Easthampton MA - ISO 9001 Certified

Precision, Performance, Excellence

…These are the qualities that define Mountain Base Machine.  Founded in 1996 to provide superior tooling for the injection molding industry, MBM now provides the same level of service to all industries requiring machined parts and tools built to the highest standards.  MBM-built tools typically provide trouble-free service far exceeding the expected duty cycles of comparable tools.  ISO 9001 Certified.

MBM is located in the heart of the manufacturing district in Easthampton Mass., occupying a 14,000 sq.ft. space with easy load-in/out.  We offer large capacity CNC machining of prototypes, short runs and fully 3D machined parts. 

While the size, type and number of machining centers determine a shop’s capacity – and MBM has enough to meet most needs – it’s the people behind the machining centers that matter most.  The crew at MBM is a tight-knit group of highly skilled machinists and related professionals.  Most of our machinists have been with MBM for many years, some since before graduating high school.

If you or your business has machining needs that demand precise tooling, on-time delivery and long, trouble-free service life, contact us today.  We can either build to your drawing specifications or we can help you design a tool that will meet your needs.

Material Specifications

MBM sources materials on a job-by-job basis, to meet the specifications of the particular client.  Material certifications are provided on request.
Unless unavailable or specified otherwise, materials used by MBM meet DFAR/Country of Origin requirements.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Facilities List.